This new site has many purposes, explaining how people can gain access to healthcare will be at the forefront. Helping those who have trouble getting medications will be another. We will even explore the world of ancillary insurances such as dental and vision.

Today lets start with access to healthcare. We all know why it is important to see our doctor but how do we pay for it? Insurance is the first thing that comes to most peoples mind because the cost of healthcare has risen at a rate that scares all of us. A consequence of this is that the cost of health insurance has risen as well, that scares us even more. So what do we do? We can deny ourselves access to healthcare [not a good option] or we can sit down with a competent agent and learn about the many options available to all of us.

Here are some selections to discuss with your agent. Medicare, both supplements and advantage plans. Under 65 healthcare, this includes Obama care and off the market healthcare. Both of these plans are limiting with restrictions on time of year you can sign up and plans available. Within the Obamacare law there are exceptions and you may wish to discuss those. However, only certain agencies have access to these plans and these plans have limitations as well. We can throw some hospitalization plans that can help pick up the deductibles that can at times be enormous.

All in all, this is quite a difficult maze to navigate and an in depth discussion about what method of access to healthcare is best for you should be on top of your list. In the upcoming weeks we will delve into these and many other aspects of our access to healthcare and hopefully find a way to make it affordable for everyone.

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