Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

This is an axiom that you have heard your entire life and it is true. There are many areas that need planning for your family and college is just one of them. Imagine, if you can, taking care of two of your needs with one decision. It is not everything but it is a good start.

The cost of college is going up, getting help from an outside source while protecting your family’s future just makes sense. These plans work on a sliding scale basis i.e.: $100,000 life policy earns your student $5,000 in tuition discounts. Every year that you make your premium payment another $2,000 is added. Your child is 8 when you purchase, you are looking at potentially $25,000 in credits at graduation. These are then divided by four and applied to the tuition at one of our over 360 schools. What if your child chooses to skip college or only goes for one or two years, the money is there to use for the next child or perhaps a niece or nephew or grandchild. It still grows while waiting for the next one to come along.

There are caveats in these plans so, the obvious choice is to sit down with me, go over them in detail and get a $25 gift card. At the same time we can explore the other choices you need to make to complete your planning. For instance did you know that a life policy can provide income for you in your retirement years [tax free], work as a long term care policy and secure your families future? There are a myriad of discussions we can have while planning for your future.