There is no cost for a family to enroll in this program.

  • 351+ member colleges* in 45 states participate in the Free College Scholarship Program. Our growth rate is typically 2 new
    colleges per month.
  • Over $43,000,000 in submitted tuition discounts
  • More than 390,000 students are now enrolled in Tuition Rewards®.*
  • Active clients earn additional Tuition Reward Points twice per year.
  • The scholarship is a great 529 plan alternative or add on.
  • The scholarship has a maximum value of one full year’s tuition (spread evenly over 4 years) and represents the minimum aid that our students are guaranteed to receive from a member college.
  • There is no maximum to the amount of Reward Points that your family can earn.

Annuity Products, Critical Illness, and Disability income policies now available with a no-cost scholarship.

In addition, there are other scholarships we can point you to that are offered to students with specific medical condition(s) or diagnoses and also non-medical challenges such as social, emotional, psychological or educational issues. There are also some for students who have a parent or a family member with a specific diagnosis. Most can be used at any school.

Some cover one specific condition, while others cover whole types of diagnoses (such as all types of cancers) or even all chronic diseases. Some address the needs of those with non-medical specific challenges. Most have some type of eligibility requirements, usually financial ones.

The scholarships are sorted several ways:

  • By Medical Condition/Diagnosis (specific conditions such as brain cancer or general categories like cancer)
  • By Non-Medical Condition (social, emotional, psychological or educational issues and disabilities. This includes such
    categories as bereavement, bullying victims, family issues and children whose family has or is in the Armed Forces).
  • By Residency of Applicant
  • By Scholarship Name

If you know of any other scholarships not in our database, send us the info so we can add it.

As of 02/25/2016, we have information on 298 programs.